Thorchain Results

Designing the Experiment

Our first challenge was attracting, filtering, and curating the right crowd. We reasoned that if you were willing to jump through a series of hoops, and if winning $25k gets your attention, you would put real thought into your hack rate estimate.

  1. the survey requires knowing or googling who gizmoduck is,
  2. the Pharo discord requires you to be human,
  3. participants are required to join our Pharo discord.
  1. connect to the kovan testnet,
  2. add the $PHRO token to your wallet,
  3. go to and stake your $PHRO for gPHRO.
  1. go to and join our DAO,
  2. speculate on our private discord channel and AMAs.

Good Look at a T-Bone


The Pharo Thorchain results are confirming our “Wisdom of Crowds’ “ (WoC) approach to cover markets. With these results, Pharo could extend cover options to complement existing insurance providers by providing more phlexible options. Stay tuned as we dive down the rabbit hole, further, and explore: Thorchain Markets, $PHRO Rewards, WoC & Actuaries, and 🥁🥁🥁 Pharo NFTs!



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