Pharo IDO & TGE

PHRO IDO Allocation

PHRO Allocation Value @ TGE

Pharo Markets & PHRO Prices

Pharo markets provide constant buy pressure, so hodlers profit increases with more and active Pharo markets. This effect on PHRO price can be precisely calculated using the Buterin definition of currency price (Credit:

PHRO Allocation Summary

The key takeaway is the relationship between PHRO sell and buy pressures over the Pharo IDO conservative timeline of six months. A static analysis of tokens that represent buy, sell, and hodl pressure would be 25MM buy pressure vs 15MM sell pressure vs 40MM hodl:

  • 25MM Buy Pressure = 15MM DEX LPs + 10MM NFT
  • 25MM Sell Pressure = 6MM Airdrops + 4MM Team Ra + 15MM DEX APY
  • 50MM Hodl Pressure = 4MM Airdrops + 36MM Team Ra + 10MM NFT

IDO Executive Summary

The IDO will pay our early supporters, and build a mainnet launch team to literally build value for PHRO hodlers. The IDO will use NFT sales to provide initial DEX liquidity, and Pharo will use market buy pressure to multiply prices after mainnet launch. Vesting ensures PHRO isn’t dumped on the market, and users are incentivized to hodl as Pharo markets’ launch on mainnet will greatly increase the price of PHRO and thereby hodlers’ returns.



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