Pharo Bronze Age: A Copper Experiment

We’re getting ready for our TGE and are experimenting with Copper. Come join us, test, join the conversation, help launch Pharo, and get your Pharo NFT for a 50% discount @ the real TGE!


We’re experimenting with a Copper TGE, here’s what you can do:

  1. Get some test ETH
  2. Exchange that ETH for DAI
  3. Buy PHRO on Copper:
  4. Provide Liquidity (Invest)
  5. Fill out this questionnaire for a POAP.
  6. Join the conversation to earn a Pharo NFT!
  7. Join the board, buy a Pharo NFT 🎨

Our goal is to start a conversation and evaluate Copper, just fill out this questionnaire, earn a POAP, and best feedback earns a Pharo NFT!

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