Pharo Tokenomics

Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds requires asking the right question, and ensuring an answer measured by time. We’ve been passively recruiting Market Makers, looking for a standard market approach, discussing expectations amongst ourselves in the Pharo community, and we’ve realized a template would be helpful.

Market Makers are looking to…

Queen Elizabeth

What is “Legitimacy”? How can you know something is legitimate? Can one thing be more legitimate than another? Can we establish a hierarchy of legitimacy, trust even? Perhaps legitimacy is circumstantial?

Legitimacy is often established because of predictability. Monarchs are not perfect but people knew what they were getting: Monarchs…

We’ve been building up to this, ever since the July Thorchain hack we asked ourselves, “Could we use this to test both the Pharo protocol and the Pharo Wisdom of Crowds (WoC) algorithm?” A little planning, surveys, feedback, new bots, python, solidity, blah blah and we’re happy to announce our…

Developing the Pharo algorithm has consistently surfaced two questions:

  1. How is this not betting?
  2. What stops bad actors and wild narcissistic estimates?

It’s fun to screw around when nothing else matters, every discord server gets hit hard by “wen moon” and “airdrop please”, but you can’t rely on them long…


Automated Cover Maker

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